Movie Review: Contagion

In the height of the new H5N1 flu virus spreading in China and Vietnam, no movie can be as timely than that of Contagion. The movie begins when Beth Emhoff (Gwyneth Paltrow) returns to Minneapolis from business in Hong Kong, what she thought was jet lag takes a virulent turn. Two days later, she's dead in the ER and the doctors tell her shocked and grieving husband (Matt Damon) they have no idea why.


The movie doesn't seem like a movie but more of a documentary of events that happen when such a virus spreads in the world. The audience are given a unique look on how the government, and other influential organizations work to protect the public when this kind of problem arises.It also strives to give light on how humans, in general, reacts when this problem is presented.

What's chilling is that the events foretold seemed very real. Soderbergh's approach of not relying heavily on music, focusing on the dialogue, and the sheer chilling reality of the events may not fall on the same category as that of other virus-inspired movies as its agenda is to inform-not to entertain.

There are some areas in the story that was not given much attention-or ending. I think the introduction of too many points of view may have caused some important problems to be left unresolved. Maybe it was Soderbergh's way of telling the audience to provide an ending for it. I don't really know.


The stellar cast was able to get hold of the different interconnected stories they are put to play. But I must say that Matt Damon was able to touch me the most. Probably because his character is the most relatable of all of them. Although, I'm not sure if putting all these gigantic stars in one movie is necessary they were successful in adding spice to a very serious movie.

Second in my list of favorite characters is Jude Law just because he is a freelance journalist aka blogger :). His character is rich of intrigue and sort of had a madness to it. But yeah, I guess I like him just because he was a blogger in the film :).

Overall, the movie is not made to entertain but rather to inform the audience. There are some areas in the story that was overlooked but it was still able to meet its agenda.

Opening across the Philippines on Friday, Sept. 9 in IMAX and regular theaters, “Contagion” is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment company.

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